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Silicomanganese (SiMn) is an alloy that consists of manganese, silicon, iron, a small amount of carbon and other chemical elements; it is a mass-produced and widely-used ferroalloy. Silicomanganese is often used in steelmaking as a complex deoxidizer, and as a reducing agent in the production of medium/low carbon ferromanganese and of manganese metal when applying the electro-silicothermic process.


Specification of Silicon Manganese


Medium/Low Carbon Ferromanganese

Medium/low carbon ferromanganese (L/MCFeMn) refers to alloys mainly composed of manganese and iron, which are most frequently used deoxidizers and alloying materials in steel production. They are divided into low-carbon ferromanganese (carbon content below 1.0%) and medium-carbon ferromanganese (carbon content between 1.0%-2.5%). Ferromanganese is widely used in a variety of alloy steel including constructional steel, tool steel, stainless & heat resisting steel, wear-resistant steel.

Specification of Medium/Low Carbon Ferromanganese


High Carbon Ferromanganese

High-carbon ferromanganese (HCFeMn) are alloys composed of manganese and iron, with amount of carbon between 2.0%-8.0%. They are mainly used as deoxidisers, desulfurisers and alloying agents in steelmaking. HcFeMn are produced in electric furnaces or blast furnaces.


Specification of High Carbon Ferromanganese