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The team of NRM provides challenging career development opportunities, allowing each member to reach his/her full potential. always seek skilled, talented and enthusiastic people to join our team. If you would like to join us and become a member of this outstanding team, we would extend our welcome and provide you with the following opportunities.

Engineer of Residual Heat & Energy


1. Organise and manage a technical team for residual heat and energy;

2. Execute the project of residual heat utilisation development;
3. Work as a project manager of residual heat utilisation, organise and take charge in project implementation;

1. A college degree or above in thermal energy and power;

2. Background on residual energy utilisation, capable of independent project planning and executing; experienced in engineering management and contract energy management;

3. At least 5 years of experience in large manufacturing or experience in metallurgy is preferred;

4. Strong skills and abilities on organisation, communication and coordination;

5. Working location: Vietnam

Administrative Translator


1. In charge of any business-relevant translation and interpretation within the company;

2. Mastering the terminologies of each sector, assists each manager to complete the translation of relevant operation reports;
3. Celerity and accuracy are required in real-time interpretations; 

4. All translations and interpretations shall be clear and correct, objective and realistic, without any subjective judgment and personal opinion;

5. Work as a professional translator instead of a staff when translating and interpretation;

6. Complete other relevant tasks assigned by the supervisors;

1. High level of translation and interpretation ability in Vietnamese and English, fluent in listening, speaking, reading and writing, familiar with metallurgy industry and relevant terminologies and be capable to translate accurately;

2. Above 2 years of work experience will be an advantage;

3. Good temperament, character and professional ethics;
4. Strong sense of team spirit and responsibility, able to work under pressure;

5. Working location: Vietnam

Electrical Engineer


1. In charge of the factory's electrical specifications and the designing and planning of the special electrical programs;

2. The control and management of all heavy-current and light current production equipments in the factory;

3. Take part in the maintenance of large transformers for metallurgy industry;

1. A college degree or above in electric or relevant majors

2. Experienced in electrical engineering and related management; holding a intermediate (electrical engineering) title;

3. Familiar with the current national specifications of low-voltage distribution and electrical design & installation; proficient in using professional software such as AutoCAD forelectrical engineering design;

4. Experience in large enterprises of steel and metallurgy is a plus;

5. Working location: Vietnam