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It is a primary part of our development strategy that we aim to minimising our impact on the surrounding environment. The main principle of the company's environmental policy is: any production operation that the company is engaged in is only to be proceeded when the negative impacts on the surrounding environment are minimised. We are well aware of the important role we play and the responsibilities we have in the sustainable development of the country and across the world.

With the increase of productive enterprises, energy conservation and emission reduction has also become a internal need for our development. As a commitment to the country and society, we established a top-down organisation system for a better implementation of energy conservation and emission reduction.

The internationally recognised environmental management system (EMS), ISO 14001, is the basis of our management; it is a mandatory request for our manufacturing plants to reach the standard of the ISO 14001 certification.

Environmental Objectives

● green coverage rate of factory >= 25%;
● saving resources; utilisation rate of raw materials >=98%;
● energy-consumption index reaching an advanced level in the industry;
● the comprehensive utilisation rate of wastes to be 100%;
● flue gas emission reaching the environmental requirement of the country
● (implementing the following principles of environmental protection:)

- take social responsibility in maintaining a pleasant ecological environment;
- adopt the most advanced technologies;

prevent environmental pollution;
reduce the amount of wastes produced and accumulated in production and consumption;
take care of natural resources