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NRM Council of Labour Union Convenes Enlarged Meeting

16 April 2014

The council of labour union convened a enlarged meeting attended by the president (Mr Chen), vice president (Ms Nguyen), all committee members and leaders of each union group.

The meeting started with the declaration of Mo Shaoshun, assistant manager of the administrative department, to take charge of the group of foreign employees, in order to facilitate the understanding and communication between employees from different nationalities.

. Mr Chen concluded and affirmed the achievements of each workshop in the first quarter. Then the council focused on prevention and solutions for security incidents with studies of accident cases from other companies, as well as investigation on labour problems and relevant subjects, including night shift allowance, increase of annual leaves and arrangement of health examinations of staffs.

At the end of the meeting, the union president and group leaders sent holiday greetings to all union and staff members and their families, as the International Labour Day is approaching.