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Safety Supervision Division of Provincial Labour Department Visiting for Inspection and Guidance

20 March 2014

The safety supervision devision of the Hai Duong provincial ministry of labour visited the company to give examination and guidance on labor & personnel and safety. The inspection was leaded by the head of division, Mr Fan, with relevant persons from departments of labour, safety and fire, accompanied by company's managers including the president, Mr Hu, and the vice president, Mr Chen,

The inspection covered a variety of aspects of safety management, focusing on the use, allocation, management of fire fighting equipments, facilities for monitoring anti-thunder, and some associated handling in daily production. Inspections on employee's compensation were also conducted. The inspectorate then gave a range of constructive opinions and suggestions, aimed for the strengthening and perfecting of the company's safety management and synchronising it with the latest relevant provisions issued by the country.

The company leaders indicated that modifications will be made to meet the requirements from the inspectorate, with enhanced education training on health and safety.