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The Joint Team of NRM and New HQ Having a Friendly Football Match with 2-9 VietinBank

15 February 2104

At 3:00pm, the joint team of staffs from New Resources and its brother company, New He Qiao, had a friendly football match with the team of 2-9 branch of VietinBank. The game was held in the New North Vietnam Stadium. The 2-9 team was captained by their president, MR Nguyen, whereas the NRM team was leaded by the chairman, Mr Guo, with leaders and staffs from each company forming the cheering squad.

After a short opening ceremony, the referee whistled and the exciting match began. Each team had 9 players on the court; the 2-9 team cooperated tacitly as they played frequently together, whereas the joint team was formed on the same day and lacked chemistry. The 2-9 established a 2:0 lead at the end of the first half. In the second half, the joint team strengthened cooperation and challenged actively for the ball, and the 2-9 team continued their consistent performance; great shots and saves emerged accompanied by the cheers and applause from the crowd. Eventually the 2-9 team won the game with a score of 5:3.

After the match, the players, leaders and staffs joined together for dinner, sharing the feelings and far-reaching significance of the game, especially for that the game created a good stage for young staffs to display personal ability and to enhance the understanding of teamwork.


Photo of the two teams before the match