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NRM Honored as Civilized Enterprise for Safety, Clean and Civilized Production

In order to protect and improve the environment and ensure the employees’ physical and mental health, maintain safe, clean, neat in the company production site, and constantly improve the level of safety and civilized production, create a first-class production and living environment. In May 2015, the company set up a “safe, clean health management committee”, introduced a safe, clean and civilized health inspection appraisal system, adhere to the weekly inspection comparison of safety, clean, civilized and health, summary evaluation monthly, and reward the first name and evaluate the last name, it’s effectively arouse the enthusiasm of the staffs. As a part of corporate culture, after nearly two years of persistence, the worker safety consciousness have gradually deepened, the chronic violate the rules behavior has been greatly reduce, the company awarded the honorary title of "civilized enterprise" for four consecutive years.