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NRM Convenes the 3rd Congress of Workers and Labour Union Representatives, Completes General Election

On Aug 12, the 3rd congress of workers and labour union representatives of the company was held in Tan Viet Bac Conference Centre.

79 staff representatives and 20 nonvoting delegates attended the congress; a number of influential figures from the labour unions in the region, including the chairman or vice-chairman of the Labour Unions of Hai Duong province, Kinh Mon county and Phu Thu town, has attended by invitation; Tran Van Luong, 2nd chairman of the labour union and vice-general manager of the company presided the congress.

At the congress, Tran Van Luong reported the evaluation on the work of the 2nd executive committee from 4 aspects: union activities, staff welfares, environment&safety, and expectations on the new executive committee.

The new executive committee was selected during the congress through a secret ballot. According to the result of the vote, the new committee will be composed of 7 members: Tran, Hoang, Dinh, To, Nguyen, Ngo and Nguyen.

After the election, the new committee held their first meeting to determine the division of work between the members.