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NRM Holds a Symposium to Celebrate 10th Anniversary


In the afternoon of August. 3rd, the company held a symposium in its meeting room to celebrate its 10th anniversary. Participants included representatives from shareholders, board members, managers of business department, managers of production sectors, representatives from old and new employees, and invited guests from associate organizations including Guangxi Weizhou International Trading Co., LTD and New Heqiao Shareholdings Company.

A picture exhibition reviewing the ten-year history of the company was held before the symposium, and a group photo of the members was taken.

The symposium was presided by general manager Guo Qianyue. Chairman Guo Yimin attended and made a summary speech. Each attendee made a speech around the theme of the ten-year development history of the team of NRM, and drew a picture of the company in the next 10 years.