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Prevention and Control of Coronavirus


In order to effectively prevent and control the recent coronavirus epidemic from China, multiple actions have been taken simultaneously by our company:

- On January 25th, corresponding notices and guidelines were issued to enhance the anti-epidemic measures of each department and plant, and to improve the awareness and protection abilities of each employee.

- 4000 protective masks are purchased and distributed to our employees, with regulations to ensure that masks are worn during work for all employees.

- Thermometers are purchased and distributed to all departments and plants; body temperature was measured for all employees and visitors entering the factory.

- Disperse meals are adopted; buffet is cancelled.

- Public areas including office building and staff quarters are regularly disinfected.

- Employees returning from China are requested to be quarantined for 14 days and reduce unnecessary gatherings.

- Security department is requested to strengthen relevant measures including on-site inspection.

So far, the above actions have worked well to keep all employees to remain uninfected and the company to operate normally.