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NRM' s Battle Against COVID-19

At the start of 2020, a pandemic quickly spread around the globe causing great loss. Vietnam was also affected even under strict pandemic control.

There have been three outbreaks in Vietnam. One in January when it first started to spread domestically, one in Da Nang city from July to November and another one in January 2021 in Hai Duong province.

When a case was confirmed in Kinh Mon, Hai Duong, where NRM is located, NRM quickly organized a COVID-19 Emergency Response Team and developed a plan. COVID-19 supplies were put into use. The Emergency Response Team has also educated the staff on safety protocols so the staff can work without fear of contracting the virus. Meanwhile NRM played close attention to the development of the pandemic.

During lockdown, staff were offered temporary housing. When some of the staff were in quarantine, the production line became short-handed. Still, NRM managed to maintain both safety and productivity in accordance with the contract.

Not only did NRM strictly comply with the local government's COVID-19 guidelines, NRM also donated funds to aid the fight against the pandemic.

There have been no new cases in the last twelve consecutive days in Hai Duong province and NRM is proud to declare there have been zero suspected or confirmed cases within the company.


(Editor, Tran Thi Giang from Administration Dept.)