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The team of NRM comprises of hundreds of our local and overseas members, including several advanced technical experts from the metallurgy industry of China, highly experienced first-line managers and graduates from the top universities of Vietnam and China. We value our people as the most important part and the most precious resources of the company.


Talent Concept: people oriented; give full scope to the talents

•  We provide the best working, living and learning environment for all our members, and support each of them to learn, develop and reach their potential.

•  We let our people to find their suitable position and give full play to their talents.

•  We respect people with different nationalities and different culture backgrounds, meeting their reasonable requests as far as possible.

•  We share our success with everyone.

•  We will continue to seek talented people to join our team, and to develop among us, a sense of belonging and a pride of being a member of the team of NRM.